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The other version of BIOSUPER®

BIOSUPER® REPELLENT is the formulation of BIOSUPER® EVOLUTION with a repellent agent against flying insects such as mosquitoes and flies.

Apart from the advantages of BIOSUPER® EVOLUTION, BIOSUPER® REPELLENT is an ally in your fight against insects by having a repellent effect : flying adults are kept away from beddings, nearby the milking parlour, feeding or drinking areas.

An additional way in your preventing approach

You have already set up many ways of fighting insects, chemical or biological controls (painting, misters...). You also have some mechanicals means (sticky straps, air blowers...). BIOSUPER® REPELLENT will be you ally to limit feeding potentials resources and egg-laying.

Action on two levels


With its double action (drying and acidifying effects), BIOSUPER REPELLENT® contributes to expose insects, however growth stage (except adult stage), to an unfriendly environment.



The flying adults are kept away to limit egg-layings and to stop the cycle before it started.

  • Winter applications, to fight any survival pupae during diapause

  • Spring and summer applications, to combat egg larval pupa developments

Les egg-layings = less insects = less agitation among animals = less disease transmissions = A HEALTHIER ENVIRONMENT

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